Built to Make Leasing Simple for ISOs and their Merchants

LOGICALease was started in 2002 to fill a void in the financial leasing industry and focus on the needs of the vendor partner. LOGICALease not only has the best funding rates, but offers both outstanding service and personalized attention to its vendor partners as well.

LOGICALease’s founders bring a vendor’s perspective to leasing, and have molded the characteristics of the company to best serve the requests of both vendors and their merchants. Management’s experience includes sales, call center marketing, payment solutions, collections, customer service, financial planning, and risk analysis.

Over the years LOGICALease has built its portfolio slowly in order to provide only the highest level of service while establishing a strong foundation for its long-term value creation.

As we look to the future, LOGICALease aims to propel its presence across the financial leasing industry in order to become the preferred solution to vendors’ and merchants’ needs.

LOGICALease will provide the best rates while eliminating the feeling of “getting lost in the shuffle,” which is often a characteristic of a large, impersonal leasing corporation.

As we innovate and work to move to the forefront of the microticket industry, LOGICALease will continue to focus its attention on each and every vendor, merchant, and lease in order to continually be not only the most logical, but also the BEST leasing solution available. Over the years